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Content: Quality SEO Driven Content on page and off page

Articles: Useful and appealing articles that build trust and retains clients

Web 2.0 Post: Quality Blog Posts To Boost Traffic Coming To Your Website

Local Citations: You need to be in the local map pack and we have you covered

Videos: Professionally designed videos that get page 1 results

Press Releases: SEO and Driven Press Releases's that get results.

Niche Backlinks: Quality industry related backlinks.

The WRM CLIENT DASHBOARD is an innovative and highly useful piece of software that we have built exclusively for our clients. In a nutshell, it is an aerial view of your website’s entire over-the-web activities. You can practically monitor every aspect of your digital marketing strategy through the Online Dashboard as well as view how your website is performing both in the eyes of the target audience and search engines.

24/7 Traffic Updates:

You get access to data in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitor all necessary aspects of your website including incoming traffic, client demographics, Google Analytics and much more. So easy it’s only a click away.

Keyword Rankings:

Rankings are an integral part of any marketing strategy. Through WRM Client Dashboard you can see how your keywords are performing in Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Senzam, Atlas, and Yahoo. Monitor your rankings across different regions such as US, UK, AUS and NZ. So why do we have so many International Clientele, because we have the matrices to see what is working and not and timely fix if we need to.

Social Media Reporting:

Follow your entire campaign strategy easily via the WRM Client Dashboard. This includes all SEO and Content related activities such as rankings, articles, infographics and everything in between. Social Media Updates: Social media for many clients is as important as unique content. The Client Dashboard allows you to monitor all social media activity across different platforms. Right now we offer Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter functionality.

Competitor Rank Tracking:

Discover the Top 20 organic and paid competitors for the sites and keywords you're tracking. Identify competitors' SEO ranking as they appear in search results and single out competitors rapidly advancing towards your position.

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Keywords Strategy

Keywords should play a significant role in your on-page content strategy. What works for you likely won’t work for your neighbor or competitor, and few companies can optimize around the most common keywords. Utilize not just the money keywords but also the long-tail keywords, phrases of three or more words. SEO Industry research by MOZ has indicated that 70% of search is long-tail. We'll help you develop a custom-tailored keyword strategy. White rapids strategy with keywords lies in line with our Trademarked SEOMAPit™.

On-Page SEO Strategy

SEO Companies estimate that your on-page optimization affects around 15% of your final ranking. We can coach you to optimize your content and website pages for search engines and people, by utilizing meta data, alt text, and titles correctly.

Too many SEO Companies focus on finding loopholes in the algorithms and exploiting them, a practice known as black hat SEO. We DO NOT USE PBN (Private Blog Networks) Too many SEO Companies are using these and they will eventually stop working and we can give you case after case of clients coming to us because their websites have tanked or De-indexed by Google because of this.

Off-Page Strategy

Google and other major search engines place weight on how other high-authority websites view your content. Purchasing links is no longer effective; and it's become essential to keep a close eye on your backlinks profile to ensure you're not at risk for being penalized by Google. Our SEO Company Experts coach you to produce content that generates natural links, and perform analysis to ensure you're not at risk for negative SEO. White Rapids SEOMAPit™ is our visual and written SEO Strategy for SEO and Social Media On and off Page Strategy Structures.

Search Algorithm

Google updates their algorithm several hundred times a year. These updates range from minor tweaks to major changes in their approach to indexing content. Our SEO specialists keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, and you'll be the first to know when there are changes that could affect your business. Just recently February we had another significant change in how they rank. We keep up with the latest news from around the industry but also keep the main thing the main thing. Clean Clear Google Guideline SEO. That's why this SEO Company has NEVER had a site with ANY type of penalty.