Why Does SEO Still Matter In 2016- A Small Business Look

Why Does SEO Still Matter In 2016-  A Small Business Look

It is a new year, so it is time for all the experts to come out and talk about their SEO theories and what has changed and what has not changed. However, one overlying point that all of the SEO experts have agreed upon is that SEO is still important in 2016 and is still something that is going to matter for a lot of reasons. The problem is each of them come up with a different reason and this often leaves you wonder what exactly you should believe and why you need to believe it. To that end, we are going to explore some of the common themes of the experts about why SEO matters in 2016 and will continue to matter for years to come.


Google Penguin Updates and SEO

Google Penguin Updates and SEO


Google never sleeps. Google is always changing. Google is the Dark Lord of the Sith. We are once again upon possible another big Penguin update around the March time of 2016 as hinted by Google. So with changes comes the need to make sure onpage SEO is in line within the masters guidelines. liek it or not Google is a business and likes changes. You have to stay up to date with them.

Search Engines Still Rule

Yes, social media has really started to take control of a lot of the Internet, but when people need to get information they still have a strong draw to the search engines. This often means they are going to use the search engines, the place you want your website to rank in, to find the information. So you will want to make sure you look at the way your website is going to rank. If your site is not doing well, then you will not be getting any traffic from the search engines and will have to rely on the social media traffic, which anyone can tell you that has relied strictly on social media traffic can drop you as quickly as what you are picked up.

Ranking Websites Is Not Any Easier

Okay, almost everyone that has worked on the Internet for longer than a single day knows that it is nearly impossible for them to get their website to rank high in the search engines overnight. This trend, unfortunately continues to hold true and actually is starting to become more common of a problem for the SEO experts. With that being the case, it is important for you to follow all the trends that are present with the SEO changes and this will help you in getting the chance to actually rank your website in the search engine results. So you will not have to be concerned about your website being hit by the next animal named update that Google decides to come out with. However, if you are still using the older methods, you will find these still are valuable methods, but they are not actually working out as well as what they used to do for your needs.

Traffic Comes From Various Sources

White Rapids Marketing SEO Company Boise Business Mobile Apps

White Rapids Marketing SEO Company Boise Business Mobile Apps

SEO is often going to help you pull in more traffic for your website. While the SEO methods that you are using are meant to help you rank your website in the search engines, you will often discover that an added bonus to the methods you are using from web 2.0 marketing to social media or even the old article marketing is going to help increase the chances you have of drawing in extra traffic to your website.

What this means is you will have a chance to have an added bonus of having people who are going to read your post and enjoy it so much they want to get more information from you. This often will lead to them clicking through to go to your page from the post that you made on the first site. This can be a simple social media post on Facebook about how you found the article interesting, a quick Tweet,  or are using the information from it to a more in depth blog post you make from a 2.0 website. Either way, this method of back linking to your website is going to help you in getting to enjoy even more traffic coming back to your website because it is going to make it possible for you to pick up traffic from the SEO methods you are using. Yes Social Media like Twitter and Facebook have links to your posts that you can backlink and promote, utilize these because they are still so under used by companies and offer a lot more organic traffic possibilities.

SEO comes from Mobile Apps. App Store and Android Market app pages are a powerful new ranking prospect for desktop and mobile searchers. Retailers and media marques with large volumes of site traffic, page content, link networks, or social popularity, can easily leverage these media assets to influence app profile page relevance, serp ranking, traffic, and app popularity, at the same time.

SEO Traffic Can Increase Income

Income is a great thing to have, when you are trying to make money on the Internet. The problem that you will often have is the fact that their is always going to be some newer and better method that you have read about and want to try. However, what you need to realize is the SEO traffic that is coming to your website from the organic searches is going to help increase your bottom line. Now, you may think this just sounds outrageous that the search engine traffic that is coming organically will increase your bottom line, but you need to realize if you are getting organic traffic you do not have to pay for it. Since you are not paying for any of the advertisements that means you are getting traffic and sales for nothing, but the cost of your time.

SEO Company Boise. SEO Company Idaho, SEO Company Salt lake City

SEO Company Boise. SEO Company Idaho, SEO Company Salt lake City

SEO Is Ever Evolving

Here is the best part about the article and one part that almost everyone can agree upon when they are looking at the trends that are coming into 2016 and that is the fact that no one knows exactly what is going to happen to the SEO realm as the search algorithm is constantly changing and not really being set in stone at any position. However, the other aspect that everyone seems to be able to agree upon is the fact the SEO world is going to continue to need to adapt to the changes that are being made or the websites they are trying to promote will fall out of favor quickly.

When you are looking at updating your website you will often find that one of the major concerns you need to have is about the SEO of your site and how the changes are going to make a difference to your site. Once you know about this, it will be easy for you to see just how much SEO matters when you are trying to figure out what your next step should be with your website. Without this, you may make some changes and end up with a website that has been sandboxed by Google and the other search engines because of a simple change.

Strategy for SEO

Too many companies still offering SEO go at it and never have any type of strategy, either for themselves or their clients. Strategies are priority in SEO in order to see and follow goals so both the SEO company and the client can see if the campaigns are working. Companies that keep things secret or don’t offer to keep clients in the loop really need to be watched, not that they might not be good companies, but small business and companies should be in the loop to develop those good relationships for long term success and long term client/company relations. With clear written down and visual strategies , like that of our SEOMAPit™, companies can have clear goals to have to meet along the way.

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