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White Rapids SEO, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing Agency, now has 4 offices Salt Lake City UT,  Caldwell Idaho and Now Boise Idaho. We can help your company build your SEO & social media presences through strategy, Mapping Outlines, and personall 1:1 client training.

The drive of Social Media Marketing is to grow and engage your existing network of customers and “fans” to build strong, meaningful relationships that lead to increased referrals, loyal clientele and top of mind awareness for the company offerings. After all, the real truth in any sales or marketing model is that people buy from people.

Influence your potential customers to build appealing relationships that will lead to further sales, higher client retention rates and brand advocates and influencers for your company, who enthusiastically spread the word on your behalf whenever they hear a need. 

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When examining the decision to invest in social media, it is important to follow this four step process used by Actuate Social to get you started and beyond. Regardless of where you are in this process, White Rapids SEO and Social Media Marketing Agency can help:

1. Strategy: Start with a researched strategy.Social Media Marketing can be a very noisy world. By identifying your goals, target market and message upfront, you will save precious time and money. One of our favorite quotes is “plan the work, work the plan!” During this stage, Actuate Social interviews you and your team to determine the overall message, key performance indicators, and the ideal client. We then research key words, social media network demographics, audit websites for social readiness and listen to your audience to determine where to create a presence. We essentially provide a “road map” to your social media.
Square box social media marketing and seo2. Technical Social Media Setup: Determine and set up social media channels. Through the researched strategy we give you your SEOMAP®, the next step is to create an efficient system, including tracking, that will allow you or your team to post consistently with the  4 Engagements  of relationship building. This allows you to preplan campaigns, create a review process and monitor your effectiveness of engaging your network to increase referrals and top of mind awareness through Social Media Marketing.
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3. Education & Training: Learn the system and the channels.Social media is a new way of engaging with your network that is more than just “marketing.” Invest time to learn the system, etiquette and messaging to engage effectively and create the brand ambassadors within your tribe. One of our clients recently stated “As a result of our social media, I find myself having to do less marketing personally – people are just approaching me now instead of the other way around.”

Social Media Landscape4. Managed Social Media Services: In-source or Outsource your social media marketing efforts. Whether you decide to empower your team or hire an outside group, consistent, authentic messaging and engagement with your network is critical to the success of a solid social media strategy. Each social network has a specific use for engaging your audience, it is not just a “spray and pray” mentality. Engage your network to spread your word with consistency and authenticity and drive your results through targeted relationships.

From social media profiles and sites, blogs, and event administration to newsletters, article marketing and email campaigns, White Rapids Seo and Social Media Marketing Agency restructures your social media marketing existence into a powerful, well thought out and effective method that will inspire your customers to refer you more often and provide you with amazing client retention.