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July 4, 2015
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July 20, 2015
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White Rapids Marketing is a company with proven results with real clients using real SEO and Social Media. Based with offices in Salt Lake City Utah, Denver Colorado, and now Boise Idaho. White Rapids Marketing has seen the growth of the Treasure Valley based on several client that they have from the area. With this growing economy it also means more competition for businesses. Competition is not your typical yellow page color add anymore. Online marketing has changed significantly year after year and increasingly getting harder and harder with more and more companies getting on to the SEO and App building band wagon. Seeing this grow and opportunity for a solid, ethical, and result proven SEO and Social Media Company, White Rapids Marketing decided this was a prime area to be able to help businesses grow with their company. White Rapids also offering tons of small business teaching on their blog for free. Get some great ideas and direction for your small business for no charge by reading their blog.

When it comes to doing search engine optimization in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to get good results from qualified agencies. These ease of getting a professional looking web site up in as a little as a couple hours, anyone qualified or not can say they are SEO experts. With the landscape of SEO evolving so rapidly, marketers are constantly bombarded with more and more details to keep track of — backlinks, keyword density, new keywords, website speed, responsive coding — the list goes on and on. Many so called “Experts” are using cheap software and companies like Fiverr to get and make backlinks. Not knowing were your backlinks and quality of those links can be the knife in the heart of a website and getting banded from Google or trying to fix low quality backlinks are next to impossible to do. Anyone can sign up and learn some analytical program like AWRcloud or SEO Profiler and give a client “results” each week or month. Learning to actually use them to learn what is going on with a website and give true and actually information is a different story.  Driving traffic also can be done with a credit and website, buying traffic real or not. If the traffic coming to your website isn’t traffic that are customers for your niche industry or product what is the point?

White Rapids Marketing is an SEO Company in Boise, also offering: Web Design, and Social Media Creative Agency. Offering services in Search Engine optimization, Web Design, Video Creation, Reputation Management, Brand Identity, Logo design, and Social Media Marketing. A staff of 7 runs the hamster wheel that they produce great results from and with the expansion of the Boise Office they will be bringing on local employment as well to the economy of the Treasure Valley soon.

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