Website Reporting | Website Reporting vs Website Analytics

Website reporting vs Website Analytics:

Web analytic is now seen as a standard part of the site owner’s tool box and the data it provides has become a permanent fixture of web marketing.  

What factors does your website play in your business? Is your website a priority, an asset, or the red headed step child ?

With so many things to know or see, how does one prioritize what a small business owner needs to know monthly. Do they need the reports? How about a more in-depth explanation of Google Analytics,  or their Alexa Ranking, Visibility and more?  Some of these factors depends on the owner and their amount of desire to know and time they have for such questions.

At White Rapids Marketing, we are here to provide whatever information you want, any way you want it.

Here are some basic inquiries that you ought to have the capacity to reply about your site. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue about the responses to these inquiries, we can help you get the answers utilizing site reporting and investigation!

Do you know what number of individuals are going to your site?

Do you know how people are getting to your site? Referral, direct, social media, email.

Do you know whether you are pulling in the “right” guests for your business? Is your traffic potential customers or just random people from referral sources.

Does your website give what you want to convey to you customer within the first 20 seconds? If not this is probably the first change you want to do.

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