Tips On How To Go About Fixing A Bad Online Reputation

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Tips On How To Go About Fixing A Bad Online Reputation

Salt Lake City Seo Company Reputation

Whether you are a company or individual your online reputation is very important since that is how a lot of people judge you today. This is especially true for businesses, mainly small businesses who are trying to build a good name for themselves. One bad review or a couple remarks made about poor customer service can really sink your business.

How do we go about fixing a bad online reputation? Many individuals also have developed a bad reputation because social media today plays a big part in how we judge the character of a person. Why that is the case is anyone’s guess, but it is something that companies research when looking at potential candidates for jobs.

If you have a bad online reputation and you’re trying to apply for a job and don’t know the reason why you were turned down, it could be because the company looked at your social media profile. It is much easier for an individual to clean up their reputation because they can delete their social media accounts. Although if previous tweets are still up that you have sent it may show up in a search result. You need to be prepared to explain your entire past history online if you are confronted with these questions.

To completely clean your online reputation you can either hire a company to do it for you, or Google your name and see what comes up. You may have something in your past that you completely forgot about, but now is being brought to light because you’re trying to get a job.

Salt Lake City Seo Company Reputation

Salt Lake City Seo Company Reputation


There are companies out there that will scour the internet to help you improve your online reputation. These companies will show you how to leave positive information about you, so if a company Googles your name it will come up with only good mentions. You can begin by creating social media accounts that have you portrayed in a positive light. You should also speak with your friends about deleting anything negative that relates to you that might have occurred in the past. These could be tweets, Facebook posts or blog entries. Just get rid of as much as you can so everything comes out clean.

Now getting back to companies and small businesses. This is the hard part because you are relying on the public to leave positive information about your business. We see time and time again how a good business can be taken down just by having a few negative comments written about them. Let’s face it, everyone can have a bad day at work, and because of that it can lead to a terrible comment left about the business online. This can be devastating, especially to a small business that relies on good customer service.

In order to combat a bad online reputation for a business you have to be on top of everything in social media. Usually the big companies will hire marketing firms to monitor these social media websites so whenever something negative is posted, they will have a team post dozens of good messages to counteract the one negative.

A small business has a tougher time turning around the reputation but one way to do that is for the owner to personally respond to each negative comment in a positive way. When consumers look online and they see your business with a bunch of negative reviews, but then see that you personally answered each and every one in order to solve the problem, that can be looked at as very favorable.

Of course as a small business owner keeping track of your online reputation is very difficult. Social media unfortunately can make or break you today, which is why you must be in touch with what is going on at all times. Customer service is so important today, whether you do business strictly online or you have a retail shop. You can lose a lot of business with just a few negative comments. It is sad but now that is the reality that everyone faces today.

If you take a proactive approach and realize that consumers, job employers and others look at your online reputation to determine your character, or whether or not your business is worth buying from, you can ward off a lot of negativity. Having a good online reputation is well worth the effort that you may have to go through in order to turn things around to the positive.

If you don’t have time to improve your online reputation yourself there are companies that will do it for you. Although you can never guarantee everything will get wiped out, at least will get most of it fixed so when someone checks up on you it doesn’t come out bad at all.

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