Starting a business in an Incubator setting: Boise Collabor Tank 27th West and Main

There seem to be business incubators that are funded by many sources these days.  Some are totally government funded either by federal or state or local tax dollars.  Others are associated or connected to University’s that are within the state they exist and specialize on specific business categories.

There are also incubators that ‘bootstrapped’ either by local investors or a group of entrepreneurs that want to help grow their community and the business opportunities for small start-up companies within their community or business ecosystem.

If you have a great idea or product, and there is that mindset to take the next step, then renting space within one of these business settings is something to seriously consider.   Starting up a business is hard enough, let alone being on an ‘island’ on your own, away from other entrepreneurs who you could share ideas and experiences with.  From my perspective, having some structure and a community that is nearby can be an extraordinary boost to your overall marketing, thinking, and pursuit of growing your business.

Here in Boise, the ‘start-up’ community along with the home grown business ethos that exists, makes for a rich environment to work within an incubator setting. We are fortunate to have quite a few and the one theme that these hubs offer is constant connection with the outside world and access to high quality information. This is usually done in a setting of having guest speakers come through town talking about various topics such as obtaining venture funding to how to create processes that will empower your business to grow.  This is why setting up within such facilities offers strength in the numbers where you will be surrounded with other entrepreneurs going through the same sorts of issues that you may be having.

Incubators also provide access or sometimes include companies that can help your business grow such as online marketing, SEO, Social Media, and branding.  They also may contain an expert in financial business matters, legal services or other necessary resources that might just end up being your neighbor.  Besides having a true business address at which your office or business is housed, the structure and resources will help build your business foundationally and give you a community presence.

I recently chose  as the location for my new business office in Boise.  I made this decision after attending several really enlightening events at the building and making quality business connections within the learning events themselves.  I felt the facility and its location along with the founder of the building to provide an engaging and very open structure to help my business grow.  The business community within Boise is driven by locals working with locals and I felt that being downtown and near the hub of activities that occur within this business ecosystem just made sense and provided great value and platform to not only grow our business, but to help other businesses as well.

Article by Ray Kamm CLO/Partner White Rapids Boise Office

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