Small Business Tip Series: On Page SEO- Part 2 of 3

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Small Business Websites

Series: “SEO and Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Part 2 of 3-” On Page SEO”


On page SEO

On page SEO is the most vital aspect of SEO because it is completely within your control as the owner of the website.  This include making sure your website uses all the right HTML tags and structured data to correctly markup your content, which is colloquially referred to as technical SEO due to the code related nature of it. Good Quality readable content is Crucial in today’s On Page SEO

In essence, this markup tells search engines what your website is about, what the important things are, and how to interpret all of it.  The more you help search engines understand what your website is about, the more qualified leads you’ll get from search engines (also called organic traffic). This is where Title, Meta Description, and on page content match as much as possible. You also want different Titles and Meta Descriptions for each page and none that are duplicates.

In addition to technical SEO mentioned above, the rest is content focused and consists of the words you use on your website.  For example, if you use words like family, custody, child support, divorce, family law, etc., search engines will assume you’re a Lawyer or Law Firm and your website is about Family Law and Divorce.  When users enter search terms (also called keywords) into search engines like these, they’ll be more likely to find pages on your website related to these keywords.

This concept is particularly important for local businesses.   If you’re a Lawyer, customers won’t find you by typing ‘Lawyer’ into Google.  But if you’re a plumber in Salt Lake City, Utah and customers type in ‘Salt Lake City Lawyer’ there’s a much better chance they’ll find you.  This is called as local SEO.  Some websites don’t use local SEO at all, but we do it automatically for our business website customers. Local SEO is actually one of the BASE lines to build amazing SEO campaigns and successful Google Rankings. Local business that don’t do the local citations and SEO correctly will be lost and never make it onto Page One or the Local Maps that Google offers.

This is why on page SEO is so important. It intertwines with Local and national citations and you want them to match with the same content and keywords. If you use the right HTML tags and structured data to markup your content, Google will know what you do and where you are.  So, when customers in your area are searching for your business they are going to find it. Now before you begin and say “ I can do all that myself”, there is more to do than just put your business address, phone number, and website into a business directory and then call it good. There is a process. White Rapids marketing uses our SEO MAPIT™ for Local also. This map is is a process strategy, that also encompases thing we do with backlinks and furthering them to intertwine with each other and social media account and then directing those links to search engines and their robots to index those pages quicker.  What many people don’t realize is that there are billions of pages out there on website that are not indexed in Google. Google does not automatically place a page on their search engine, there are some factor that SE’s have and that need to happen in order for the page to be published. We do everything so that it will. Our success rate and any SEO company should be 100% of any clients pages indexed.

If you’re using the right advanced structured data, Google can even show your phone number and where your business is located to potential customers.  Awesome right?  That’s why on page SEO is so important.

Website Coing and what you use to build your website makes it easier or harder. Word Press makes it very easy for someone with no or limited knowledge to get some good SEO on their website with items called Plugins.  HTML sites are harder and you have to have an editor like Dreamweaver or Text Editor, so that you can change and add to the HTML code. One of White Rapids Marketing benefits when clients hire and work with us is we teach and help you get understanding of SEO and Social Media Marketing. Therefore we use Word Press for the majority of websites we build for our clients. Eccomerce and more technical websites we use HTML, though Word Press can also be a very good system to run an Ecommerce store on also.

Two common types of structured data used for SEO are local markup and video thumbnails. Below are two examples of structured data at work in Google search results. Search and Video Search.

Local SEO at work in Google search results:





















Video SEO at work in Google search results:

SEO small business tips for local google search results















You can spend hours and hundreds of dollars writing the best website content, but it won’t matter much if your on page SEO as lacking.  So invest the time and make sure your website has what it needs to get your business website can be found.

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