Small Business Mobile Marketing Tips Boise Idaho

Consumers today, more than ever, turning to their mobile devices to connect to businesses for the services and goods they need. As a small business, it is essential that you start optimizing your website, to make it more mobile-friendly if you want to enjoy better sales. If that is what you are looking to do, then these simple tips should help you make the best of your mobile marketing efforts for better results.

Before delving into the tips, let’s look at some statistics. Recent studies show that the number of smartphones being used globally is well over 2 billion. As more people turn to their mobile phones to connect with businesses, it is imperative that you strive to tap into this ready and ripe market by bolstering your marketing efforts to focus on mobile consumers. For most small businesses, it is quite hard to keep up with all the constant technological changes.

However, things are not necessarily that hard when it comes to mobile marketing. With the following tips, making mobile marketing something that works for you is almost guaranteed. So, what is it that you need to do?

Assess Your Mobile Marketing Readiness

Before investing in mobile marketing, it is important that you be ready for it. There is no sense in trying to push potential consumers to a mobile brand if you haven’t created a great mobile experience for them. It is therefore essential that you first of all understand what it is you want to achieve from your mobile marketing initiative; and that includes the main results you want to get from it.

Create A Mobile-Friendly Version Of Your Site

Today’s mobile internet users demand a lot. When they visit a website and it is not optimized for easy use and if it does not provide a great user experience, they’ll get frustrated and leave without a second thought. It is therefore important that the mobile site you create be unique, intriguing, fast, and easy-to-use. It should also keep up with the constantly changing mobile technologies.

Use Engaging And Responsive Designs On All Pages

For a better shot at winning and retaining customers, it is important that you employ the use of responsive designs that automatically adjust the content and layout of any webpage in relation to the type of a device being used and the screen size. Responsive designs allow you to create content that will display well for any user, regardless of the device they are using.

Keep It Simple

The best way to capture mobile users is through using simple apps and calls-to-action. As such, it is essential that your mobile site be simple and easy to navigate. At the same time, it is imperative that your marketing assets, things like apps, be simple and engaging. As such, if your marketing efforts are to direct users to a specific app, make sure that it is simple, straightforward and task-driven. Also, you need to ensure that your content loads fast if you want to retain potential customers. On the other hand, your calls-to-action need to be mobile friendly and engaging – they need to be ones that push the consumer to do something about the idea you are selling to them.

Use Text Message Marketing Smartly

Any message sent to mobile shoppers needs/should offer something that is worthy of the interruption. It is therefore imperative that you carefully choose when you text and what you text to potential and already existing customers. When dealing with text message marketing, it is essential that you be very keen with the frequency you send. At the same time, it is important that you monitor things like unsubscribe rates and click-through. This way, you can easily understand how they, the customers, are taking the information you are sending to them. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not get on the nerve of your customers is to have them subscribe or sign up for daily or weekly specials. This way, they decide when and how often you should contact them. After all, the customer is the king.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

When mobile marketing, do not push social media to the side. Mobile social media marketing is one of the best mobile marketing strategies there is. Why? About 2/3 of Facebook users visit the social site via their mobile devices at least once every day. By implementing social media marketing into your mobile marketing strategy, it becomes easier to capture the attention of more mobile consumers as they do their own personal stuff.

Do Not Silo Your Mobile Marketing

It is important that you identify your client’s underlying business goals as they work with their mobile instead of solely concentrating on their mobile goals. Mobile marketing should be a meaningful aspect of your brand’s marketing endeavors and not just a series of meaningless campaigns. It is therefore essential that you understand the place of the mobile and where in the its funnel your brand sits – and where you eventually want it to be. A brand should continually build awareness and should differentiate itself from its competitors whilst driving sales across different devices.

Make Your Mobile Marketing Live Off The Device

The mobile is not an extension of the desktop. As such, your mobile campaign should be created and optimized from the ground up for mobile devices for it to be effective. A mobile marketing campaign needs to take advantage of the device for the best results. Make sure that your mobile marketing strategy lives off the device as mobile marketing is more than just delivering adverts on another screen/device.

The mobile phone is an interaction tool and medium that has the ability to scan QR codes, take and share pictures, track location, augment reality and even watch television and listen to music. As such, it is a great tool through which you can have all sorts of interactions; making it easier to measure behavioral analytics, app ranks and precise brand engagements across different platforms and networks.


If you want to make your mobile marketing efforts successful, it is important that you constantly test and try out new things. Why? Basically because functionality, design and content that will work well for a desktop user will or may not be as effective to a visitor visiting the site on a smartphone or tablet. It is therefore important that you create an excellent user experience for your users on smaller screens by making information accessible and easily consumable even on smaller screens. The best way to do this is to play around with, and to test different things like color palettes, word structuring, and media placement within the content.

The above are some of the effective ways through which you can ensure that your mobile marketing efforts are successful as a small business. Follow up on these for better results when it comes mobile marketing.

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