SEO Tactics For 2015 – 5 Profitable Strategies

The ability to rank your website on the search engines is not as easy as many would think. There are many people that sell products online, and also search engine optimization companies that will help you achieve top rankings for profitable keywords, but there are certain things that you can do on your own. These strategies are actually very simple, and also the result of using common sense when you think about why certain websites rank higher than others. It is recommended that you work with a professional company to implement the strategies that we are about to discuss as they do take a little bit of time to do. However, if you have people working at your company that can implement these simple steps with the help of an SEO Company like White Rapids Marketing, or if you have the time to do this, you can easily promote yourself to search engine listings for certain keywords. Here are five profitable strategies that you can use, taking your business to the next level using proven SEO tactics for 2015.

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An Overview Of Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for the search engines is very easy to do if you have all of the steps. There are certain ones that must be done in a particular order in order to get the best results. Optimizing a website has to do with what is called on-site and off-site optimization strategies. There are several that must be done to your website, and links must be built back to your main webpage, and all of your secondary posts and pages, if you would like to rank for particular keywords. The goal is to make your website as appealing as possible to not only the people that come to visit, but also for the search engines. It is only through indexing your website, allowing the search engine spiders and bots to go through your site to determine where it should rank that you will be able to achieve top positions. As for links though there is a best practice way to build links, which takes time, knowledge and patience. This is where having a SEO Company that has current clients, current reviews, and you can talk to current client’s is needed. If you hire a company that build wrong or bad backlinks you can get penalized or even worse blacklisted on Google and other search engines. One of the things hurting companies right now is Fiverr. There are amazing opportunities to save money on Fiverr for different services. However to go onto Fiverr to buy backlinks is playing Russian Roulette with the search engines. We just consulted a firm out of the country and they did this and there ranking dropped got a manual penalty and still have yet to recover from it. The person they bought these links for had thousands of reviews and good rating, but the links were bad, not niche relevant and just made tons of links, thus implying a black hat service of building links.

3 Ways To Do Proper On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization refers to all of the optimizing that you must do to your website on each post and page that you have. Starting with the main page, you need to add only unique content, an embedded video, and also outbound links to authority websites. Unique content can come in two different styles.

-First, the entire main page should be derived from absolutely unique content, using nothing that has been written before. The second type is called curated content, a style that involves using a beginning and ending that is unique, with the middle content coming from somewhere else. By doing this, you will be providing quite a bit of information for the search engine spiders to go through, allowing them to index you for the keywords that you are targeting. It’s a good idea to only target one particular keyword per page that you do, and then use secondary or related keywords sprinkled throughout the content.

-The second thing that you should try and do is embed a video. This can be done by getting the video code from YouTube, and placing this in the HTML of your website, or if you are using a WordPress blog, selecting the text section and pasting it in. There is nothing that will rank a site faster, or get it indexed quicker, than embedding a video related to the content on your website.

-Finally, you will want to link out to other websites that are already ranking for the keyword that you would like to rank for. This is something that Google is constantly looking for in terms of determining whether or not you are trying to provide an excellent experience for those that are visiting your website. Their assumption is, or at least what the algorithm is looking for, is proof that you are providing information that visitors can use. By implementing all three of these strategies on every page that you make, it will increase your odds of reaching top ranking positions. By continually updating your website, it will also ensure that you will have the best possible chance of maintaining those positions since new content is what Google, and the other search engines, are constantly looking for.

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2 Ways To Do Off-Site Optimization


Off-site optimization refers to the backlinking strategy and Social Media Signals that you are using to get visitors to your website. There is a twofold purpose to doing this. First of all, if your links are found on websites that are frequented by people looking for this type of content, they will likely click through to see what you have to offer. The second way that you can benefit from links is in the anchor text that you use. By using the keywords that you are trying to rank for in this hyperlink text, you can increase your odds of moving up in the search engine rankings. The only caveat is to make sure that you do not use the same keyword every time that you have a link pointing to your site because this is not natural. Google is always looking for patterns, and if you can circumvent the Google algorithms, or any of the other algorithms that other search engines are using, by avoiding any patterns at all you can achieve better results from your backlinking activities.


By using these 5 simple off-site and on-site optimization strategies, or by hiring someone to do them for you, you will quickly see an increase in your positioning on the web, and as a result of this, more free traffic from the organic listings. All that the search engines are concerned about is a natural pattern, one that clearly shows that a human being is doing all of the activity, not some type of software program. As long as you can fly under the radar of the many different algorithms that are evaluating websites online, you can use these tips to your advantage to not only appease the search engines, but find your way to the top of the search engine rankings. Although these are strategies that do work in 2015, they are also going to work years into the future. The goal is to always look as human as possible when you are doing any type of activity with your websites, and by following these simple but effective strategies, you will definitely see many of your websites, and the pages that you have posted, reaching the top of the search engines for some of your most profitable keywords.

SEO Company Boise. SEO Company Idaho, SEO Company Salt lake City

SEO Company Boise. SEO Company Idaho, SEO Company Salt lake City

Remember that you want a written out strategy and if you are going to do the marketing yourself you need to make sure you keep track because just doing things random and not consistent will actually hurt your business. Inconsistency on Social Media is one of the top reasons small business fail at online marketing through social media like Facebook and Pinterest.

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