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March 2, 2016
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SEO on Google


Somehow, probably by searching for a keyword, let’s say you typed in for example “SEO on Google” in one of the search engines, hey presto – you arrive at a web page. Not the greatest landing page you’ve ever seen, right? Maybe, but that is precisely the point. Mediocre the landing page may be, BUT it’s on PAGE One of Google, which is where you and the 6 Billion other web gurus would like their website to be. How did that happen?

It happened precisely because that is the way they wanted it to, because it’s what properly optimised websites do, and perhaps more importantly – to prove a point. Let’s restate the case – here is a mediocre landing page and it’s on Page One of Google precisely because the web owner/developer wanted it that way – they used a methodical method, “SEO on Google”, which got that specific website, and millions of others to the first page on the world’s top search engine. There are 186 000 000, yes 186 MILLION competing pages for the search term “SEO on Google”, so it’s not exactly an uncompetitive niche, quite the opposite.

How exactly is it done?

Well without giving too much away, you can either take an existing website, if that is the best option, and optimise it, or get a new domain that is search engine optimised for certain specific keywords and redirect it to your current domain. Set up a blog with rss feeds and posts that are laser targeted to your niche/product, get one way backlinks pointing to your domain etc etc. You could do this yourself, but unless you do it in a VERY precise way you are unlikely to see the same results that a search engine optimisation specialist guarantees.

How long will it take?

2 weeks to 3 months depending on the choices made at the beginning of the project and how much competition there is for the chosen keyword/s.

How much should it cost?

There should be an initial consultation fee which is charged in order to analyse the website, offer a list of possible keywords and domain matches that should enable the website to dominate the chosen field or niche. Depending on the complexity of the analysis, this can take between 1-5 working days. If both parties agree with the findings then we are ready to move on to the next step > your domination of PAGE 1 on Google. Unless you dominate the niche you are in, you are DOOMED to FAIL (or spend a fortune on AdWords)!


Source by James WI Roberts

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