Since early 2005 we started to utilize our own technique we were starting to see that worked well for our clients. We never really gave it much thought until 2013 and we started to expand offices in different states and we began to see that there we so many so called “SEO Companies ” or SEO Experts” and companies esp small to medium business were getting screwed by these “weekend warriors” or “Guarantee page one rankings in 30 days” type companies. We have strategically placed offices in cities where we can help be a part of the other good SEO Companies and help fix the perception of our industry. In every city there are really good SEO Companies and then well you know. We saw that people wanted a visual mapping of what we would do. Many of the so called “seo companies” never gave customers anything to show goals, parameters, or information on what and how they were going to help increase their rankings and traffic. We decide that we would visually make our map that we have used forever but never really showed the visual end of it just the text and explain how. In 2014 when we started to show the visual map in the first introductory meetings and they like it. They like seeing exactly what we will be doing for them. We can as a team with our clients come up with exact benchmarks and goals to meet. no one is ever confused of what and where we need to be at a certain time frame.

SEOMAPit™ both visually and written Trademarked under White Rapids Marketing.  It’s a strategy based SEO campaign with Social Media Mapping and SEO Mapping that will allow both The Client and WRM to set goals and benchmarks in order to see progress from campaigns. It works and works well. Our current clients love that we are open and show exactly what we plan to do with their campaigns.

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