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March 6, 2016
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SEO Importance


SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website according to search engine likely rules and procedures which helps any website in gaining some position in search engine index which helps in getting targeted traffic and increasing site or business revenue. In SEO, actually we do not increase traffic. We provide solutions which help in increasing traffic by gaining top positions. We did not promise for business. We promise for top rankings which increase chances for gaining better traffic and revenue.

Any person, who searches his required information or website on search engine, has definitely faced such type of situation in which he searched about anything in search engine by entering its particular keyword(s) and his needs were not being met. When he found that his entering keyword(s) were not useful as he had hoped then he changes his direction and searches using a different keyword. After his try and fail a few times in searching his keyword, he decides to take information from the link which keyword is nearest to his search. So the webmaster or blogger use SEO to optimize their sites for the keyword(s) that people search to fulfill their needs.

Why we or online businesses give great importance to SEO? Suppose you made a good website. Very beautiful, attractive and creative graphics, strong development and database and also included your site address in all advertising campaign then why can potential customers not locate your site easily? Why they are unable to fine your site? Are you definitely sure that your advertising has reached enough potential customers?

Let’s talk about search engines. Suppose you have an online shop of clothes and you sell Ed Hardy apparels. And if a person need it and search “ed hardy” by typing it into search engine then don’t you want that your site appear in the first SERPs? Definitely you want. So how can you put your site in the first SERP on this keyword? By creating attractive graphics? strong development? through advertising campaigns? No. It can only be possible due to optimize your site on that particular keyword for customers.

SEO consists of two types. On-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization contains such factors of your website that are controlled by you or by coding on your page. These factors involve meta tags (title, H1, alt, meta description and meta keywords), keyword research and optimization, content writing, etc, while Off-page optimization contains such factors that are off-site. Means you don’t need to edit or code your page. These factors contain blogging, social bookmarking and networking, directories, media sites, article directories, press release sites, blog commenting and forum postings. Having a link back to your site with the desired keyword in the link, gives your site weight with certain search engines.

Both types of optimization have their huge importance. In on-page, meta tags help search engines spider to understand clearly title, picture, description and keywords of a web page due to which search engines crawl web pages and index them easily. Keyword optimization is another important part of on-page. It indicates that on which word you want your site on the top rank. So keywords are selected after a detail research and analysis. Content writing in on-page contains creative material about your site or product with your targeted keyword. It is the most important factor among all the other on-page factors because search engine always give great importance to new, fresh and creative content. That’s why SEO experts say that “content is king”.

Off-page contains back links in different forms. Like in social bookmarking, you save your website in a form of tags for later and because your bookmarks are online then you can easily share them with public as a result people make link to your site. Social media optimization contains online tools or platform in which people read, discover and share information, news and events about their site or products in the form of many ways such as text, images, audios and videos and links are created. Directories are the categorized form of a website in which you submit your site into your best suited category to create links. Article submission sites contain detail information about your site with your site’s link. In press release submission sites, you submit information about your product’s launch, news and new upcoming features that attract users to know more about it and also increase your site’s traffic. Definitely if people like them then want to link with your site and they will.

Blog commenting is also one of the most important resource to create backlinks. In blog commenting, you submit your comments with a link of your site on your keyword in the posts of do-follow blogs and if these blogs have good PageRank then it is more useful. Another way of creating quality backlinks of your site is online forums that are joined by the people where they share their ideas and thoughts about anything that also contains SEO. You set a signature of you in the forums site that contains links of your site(s) and when you participate in any discussion then these signatures are shown with your every post in the thread that cause backlink to your site.

So we can’t deny the importance of SEO in online marketing or e-commerce industry. The new era is the era of online businesses. In the upcoming future, it is possible that everything will be online and people will need more and more SEOs to optimize their sites to get better page rank and value. The time will come when anyone thinks that online business industry is nothing without SEO.


Source by Fahad Yousuf Khan

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