PPC Advertising



Well, that’s where pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes in. Basically, pay-per-click advertising buys clicks, or traffic, to your website. It’s easy to set up a quick budget with the juggernaut search engines and bid on some search terms, but, at the end of the day, are you utilizing the full potential of your pay-per-click efforts? Are the results you get worth the money you spend?

Targeting and reining in the right audience is imperative for a successful PPC campaign. Sure, search engines will drive the bulk of traffic to your site, but what if you’re looking to target a more focused demographic? Like, you really are looking to hone in on 18-24 year-old live-action role players? That’s where we can leverage social media and PPC advertising to help you reach your specific audience. In fact, social media can actually be used as a PPC advertisement in and of itself. Consider these questions:

  • How many ways can a visitor find you?
  • What services does your company offer?
  • What services should be highlighted for your customers?
  • Is your audience in a specific part of the city or state?
  • What time does your audience use the Internet?

How PPC Works at White Rapids Marketing

  1. You get a free consultation with a PPC advertising expert in Nashville when you call 877-314-0004. We will learn about your business, your budget, and your target audience to create the best PPC ad campaign for you.
  2. We build a list of keywords and key phrases for where you have the best chance at success.
  3. Our Utah PPC company creates custom ads using platforms like Google AdWords, and then we submit your ads to search engines.
  4. Your ads start showing up for search results based on the keywords we used in our ad development. Interested customers click on the ads and immediately get directed to your website.
  5. We monitor the traffic coming from your PPC ads and make adjustments as needed.

Re-Targetting PPC

Dynamic Remarketing (re-targetting) can be especially powerful for ecommerce websites. This technique allows advertisers to target online shoppers who have not yet made a purchase but were far along in the shopping process. For example, if an online shopper put an item in his or her basket and then decided not to buy it, our digital agency can serve ads containing that item to the shopper on the Web. This encourages online shoppers to follow-through with a desired transaction. Re-targetting works well for local, regional, national, and international business. If you aren not using this method you should be because your competitors are.

Social Media Marketing PPC

As of now over 95 percent of U.S. online population uses social networks. As a result, social media is not going away anytime soon. You need to embrace social media in order to stay competitive in today’s online marketplace. Elite Concepts will show you how you can use social media to not only help your search engine rankings, but also help your business drive additional traffic and build a loyal customer base or simply increase the effectiveness of your current social connections.

Social Media Today

Social media is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s online marketplace. It’s no wonder, as of January Facebook alone has over 1.06 billion (1,060,000,000) active monthly users. That is almost 20% of the entire world’s population using Facebook on a monthly basis. Not to mention there are several other social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Foursquare that have tens if not hundreds of million active users.

Mobile Social Media

Part of the exponential growth of social networks has to do with the increased popularity of mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android devices. If your potential clients are looking for research on your services or products they can simply tap into this vast network at will. Mobile usage is at an all time high and 90% of online retail sales happen on a mobile device now.

Our Current Client Budget for Advertising:

We manage over $250,000.00 per month for our clients in PPC, Retargeting, and Social Media Paid Advertising Campaigns. (as of 5/1/2016)