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March 3, 2016
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March 3, 2016
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Off Site SEO (Search Engines Optimization)


Off site  SEO  (search engines optimization) is as much important as on site  SEO , so what is off site  SEO ?

Well off site  SEO  consist of a number of things from backlinks to PR’s (Press releases), first we will start with backlinks with what is a good thing and what is a bad thing here is a short list of the good and the bad off site  SEO 


1. Links placed of related subjects to your website.
2. Links on high traffic websites.
3. Links on high ranked websites in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
4. Links on high PR (Google page rank) websites
5. Text links not banners.

Now we will start with each one that is good off sites  SEO  and brake them down telling you the best way that this can and could be done, so starting with number one.

Links placed of related subjects to your website

This can be quite easy to do but this would depend on your website related subject, when looking for a website that is related to yours if you find some related websites you should also check to see if the website meats search engines requirements here are some good things that you should look out for

1. Check to see if the website is up to date.
2. Check to see if the website gets updated regally.
3. Check to see if the website has the same related subjects on all or most of its website.
4. Check to see if the website is high ranked in search engines like Google.
5. Is the website getting much traffic?

So once you have checked all these things and you are happy with the website there are two things you can do, one is ask then can you pay for a link on there website, this can be good for one reason and that is the text link will be a one way link and this looks very natural to search engines but this can cost quite a lot on some websites, so you could take the other option and that is ask them if they are interested in a link exchange this means you would place a link on your website and they would place one on there website. It is some times best to make a links page and place there link on your website before you contact them, also show them the page that you have placed a link on from your website to there’s this will give you more of a chance in them saying yes to your offer.

Remember the page you have made for adding links, well the page should have a title of something like sponsors or resources you would be better not having something like links for the title. An ideal backlink on another websites would be if the owner of the website let you fully write a page that contains a full description and your keywords with approximately 300-400 words then on the same page two text links to your website, but this is very hard to get hold of if you can get your hands on owners that will let you do this then that would be the best backlink you could ever have.

This next bit covers sections 2, 3, and 4in the things to do that are good. A web site that very high traffic is most likely to be ranking quite high in search engines for some of there search terms, the reason it is good to get your backlink on a website like this is because there website is more than likely classed as a important website so robots would spider this site quite often if your link is on there website this would been your site will get spiders more often, now for the PR (Google page rank) with PR it starts from 0 to 10 and the 10 is being the best so placing your link on a low page rank will be good but not as good as placing it on a website with a PR7 or higher and a bit lower, the reason this is good is because websites like this with high PR wouldn’t rely place lots of links on there site and when they do search engines think that these must be important websites as well.

So why text links and not banners?

Well this is easy for some good reasons text links do a better job for your website than a banner because search engines will spider your website from these and you can place your keywords within the text of the link this is great for helping your rank higher in search engines here is a little example of this

Go to Google and type in the search term click here you will see that the website ranking first is Adobe, the reason for this is because people that offer file downloads on there website that may need Adobe to read these files also offer a link to the Adobe website and they most on the times write this

To download Adobe click here

The click here is the link so remember place your keywords in your links. The reason I say banners are not much use is because they are mainly used for traffic to your website and that is it, so if you concentrate on the other off site  SEO  then you will get the traffic in the end.

Here is a list of the bad of site  SEO 


1. Try not to place a link on un related websites, this will not really be as much as a bad thing but it will not help you get any were better so it’s a waste of time.

2. Don’t place links on your website from a website that is band or black listed in google, the reason for this is that they will pull you down with them as Google will look at your website being bad as well. Always check to see if the website is doing anything search engines illegal on there site and don’t worry it is OK to have your link on bad sites jut not there link you your website.

3. don’t place links on other websites to fast doing maybe 10 a day is good as this would look very natural to the search engines, but placing links in the hundreds a day isn’t a very good thing and you could look like a spammer to the search engines, so this would make your website take longer to get higher ranks from all your hard work.


Source by Karl Daniels

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