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SEO Basics the So-Called SEO Gurus Are Not Telling You
September 24, 2015
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September 24, 2015
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It has now become a custom that Google does not constantly stick to it’s old way of doing things. Google keeps on adjusting and changing site ranking algorithms to provide a better user experience and more relevant results. Unfortunately, most of the self-proclaimed SEO wizards are unable to understand some of the things Google does and which impact on your website. Many so called SEO specialists and SEO Companies don’t even know the basic to SEO nor do they try and follow Googles guidelines.  This article looks at what the so-called SEO Gurus don’t tell you whenever ranking algorithms are discussed.

The Keyword Search Tool

Probably the most matters the seo professionals conceal from you is set a small tool that can aid you obtain better outcome in your website.  This device will not be new, might be you could be using it for different functions unknowingly.  So this can be a hazard to study on it and use it to be able to see the results.  Many of the search engine optimizations professionals keep this as a secret weapon for his or her businesses.  What we discover humorous is once more the relationship between a search engine optimization company and their client must no longer be in order that the patron has no inspiration how or what they are doing. See many weekend warrior seo humans try to hide what they do for a couple of motives: 1- they don’t particularly recognize what they are doing or how one can even gift ta approach to their consumers. 2- on the grounds that of their lack of advantage themselves they consider as if they inform their customers what they and the way they’re doing it they wills prime paying them and do it themselves. 3- to piggy again on #2 search engine optimization businesses comprehend they get employed due to the fact that the company has no or little expertise and no or little time to do it themselves and accordingly rent an agency. These varieties of corporation are more commonly extra obvious.

The key phrase search device is famous to anybody, yet very few men and women be aware of that it is key to search engine optimization results.  This is the device that helps in making a choice on the key phrase searches that users use to discover a web site on the internet. Intelligent search engine optimization organizations rely on the tool to archive their search engine optimization pursuits. Off Page SEO Strategies to Raise Awareness

This is one of the tactics that webmasters use to raise the awareness of the content on their websites. This is done via blogs, press releases and social media platforms.

Bad Practices

The webmasters will not also tell you about the practices that Google prohibits such as adding bogus links and generating spammy content. They know that if they tell you about it, you will be vigilant and stop them from using the tactics to enhance your ranking. Unfortunately, when they do this, they expose your website and if Google discovers that your website is not following the guidelines, you risk having it relegated to the rear.  Worse still, it can ban it from search results.

Also, the webmaster will not allow you to access the webmasters best practices that consultants should follow when advising you on the best ideas that can help improve the ranking of your website. You should always be allowed full access to any reporting they do and site if it allows it. So for example we use SEO Profiler and can make access to login just for your website. Google search console and analytics also allows you to login. You have every right to have access to this information. However there are plenty of companies that don’t.  We currently have a new client that they ended there past contract with an SEO company in Boise because they kept saying ranking where going up and keywords where going up for months on end and they were just trusting them and asked for reports and always said “ill send them” but never did. When they finally had time to actually sit down and search their keywords themselves, they were no where to be found and completely opposite of what this company was telling them. They actually lost ranking in the 6 months they worked with this company.

On- page SEO

This refers to elements on your webpage that influences search engine ranking.  SEO consultants will not tell you that elements like the title tag, the actual copy on the page, URL and the image alt tags play a key role in enhancing the ranking of your web site.  Having all this elements in place allows the search engine to crawl and rank the site. Content is king and good quality content is need for a site to rank and the most important factor is getting your website ranked is to make sure it is 100% quality, without errors of html and others.


That SEO Takes Time

Most of the self-styled gurus will promise to deliver the best results in the shortest time possible. This is Myth Number 1 Guaranteed SEO results

What they don’t tell you is that SEO is not a one day exercise and will take some time. It requires patience before tangible results can be realized. As they market themselves, they use phrases like ‘’we guarantee instant results’’, yet they know that this is not possible. White Rapids Marketing has a guarantee, and the short of it is if you don’t start seeing results on the agreed upon strategy that we and you have come up with in the first 90 days we will refund your 3 months of service in full. Now our guarantee doesn’t say first page for every company and every keyword. Each strategy is unique to the company. We don’t measure success just on ranking and what position you are in Google, that is only part of the strategy process and guarantee.

This is Myth Number 2 SEO is all about backlinking

Content is King, yes cliché but it’s true. Quality Content will help you get backlinks the right why by people sharing your content 9and backlink to your site) within theirs. Reading the strategies in blogs and incorporating them may produce a short term solution but will not produce long term results. Remember there are many people who are also using the same ideas to improve their websites. The webmaster will not tell you that there are short term and long term SEO strategy. When you hire them, they will use short term strategies that will not benefit you in the long run. To succeed and enjoy the fruits of SEO, it is required that you give your strategies about 6- 9 to get some good traction and then your 1 year mark you will see full results and then can maintain them at that time. Each company is diverse for so many reasons. We may be able to get a company on page one of their top 10 keywords in 4-6 months and another 9-11 months. There are just too many elements to make a blanket declaration about when you can and will get them on page one. But like I said White Rapids Marketing has an entire strategy that is in process and works along with our SEO MapIT™.

Creating engaging content is still resourceful but greater emphasis must be placed on email marketing, lead campaigns and social media sharing.

User Experience

Lastly, the SEO gurus will not tell you that the user experience is one of the most important elements that can help you enhance your website ranking. Perhaps you will ask yourself how user experience can enhance the ranking.  A few years ago, it was possible to have your website listed even when it was poorly designed. This is not the case these days. Things have changed thanks to Google’s Panda updates.  Hire an experienced web designer to improve on the quality of your website so as to give the user a good experience. You have 5-10 seconds to wow someone to stay on your site and then if they stay that long they have to be able to navigate quickly and easily to what they are looking for. If they have to go to 2+ pages to find what they are looking for that is not considered user friendly, especially for ecommerce websites.

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