Influencer’s vs advocate’s for your business what do you want?

Growing your business in today’s hyper competitive marketplace is challenging enough, but have you ever thought about what emotions and activities that truly impact your business in the most basic of ways?  Try thinking about the emotions of TRUST and how people INFLUENCE each other.   Whether your business is a restaurant, clothing store, dental office, or ANY storefront existence, people come through your doors and purchase something that they may need or want to experience.

Yes you have a website, or you may have a friend who started your Facebook page for you, or somebody has done some online marketing to help grow your business, but truly have you laid the foundation for BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS  long term?  It is easy to gain some immediate traction on the internet with some short term event or sale, but truly how do you know who you have converted into an ADVOCATE?  That one or two people or percentile of your customer interactions where you actually made a enough of a difference in their advertising bombarded world that they remember who you were, what they ate, how they felt after experiencing the act of doing business with your company?

How do you make a one on one connection with each person that comes into your business world and send them out the door with a MEMORABLE experience?  These people are not your friends and family, but quite the opposite….they are the folks that will remember your business when they are on a street corner and asked by a complete stranger where to eat, what to do or what is fun in town? An Advocate by its very definition is somebody who is ‘on my side’.  People deep down have a desire to help other people, no matter what the situation, it gives us a deep meaning of purpose to help another fellow human being out.  Does your business connect with enough potential customers that you are creating an cadre of folks who are ADVOCATES?

The foundation for a successful online marketing presence is TRUST.  Your site, your customer experience and your story must build trust from the get go.  There is so much information being spewed at consumers every day, that literally after a few minutes, it is all turning into ‘background noise’.  How do you avoid this pitfall?  The human interaction whether it is the voice over the phone with your online customer service department or the employee behind the counter must convey complete trust and build influence in a very short period  of time and you must prove your longstanding trust by not just paying lip service to customer service.

The best potential clients and future people that your business has not met yet are part of the legion of Advocates  that will drive trust and growth in your business.  It is this complete group of strangers that you need to connect with in strategic and accommodating ways that will keep your business healthy and bringing in more and more clients that know more and more about your business and TRUST the story they have been told through old fashioned word of mouth.  That is why every transaction you make with a customer is the most VITAL one.

Article by Ray Kamm CLO/Partner White Rapids Boise Office

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