Im Looking for a Boise SEO Company For My Business

So your looking for an SEO Company For your Business n Boise Idaho?

Well there are plenty of choices for sure isn’t there. Some will be good and some won’t. Some are SEO experts while some are fly by night people saying they do SEO adn work ful time jobs adn “do” SEo on the weekends, the i know some guy or brother in law knows SEO type. Now to just clearly, someone might actually be good at what they do if they work another FT job, however, how much consistent time can they really put in and be available to you if you need. It’s about consistency with SEO and Online Marketing not once a week type items.

How to decide Who to Choose?

**We first is by looking at where does the company rank for themselves is a first area to look at. If you have to search more than 4 terms to find them you need to ask yourself why?

Some companies will actually tell people, well we are too busy to keep up with our own site, really? It really isn’t that time consuming and it is kind of important to show that you can rank for your own company isn’t it?

**A second area to look at is Where do their clients rank. Many Companies have their clients listed in the case studies or their portfolio. Look and search them, are they easy to find or not. If you see a client for chiropractor in your city, search it and see if it comes up. Does it come up for a city that’s near you, where they are actually located? What about national clients or international clients, where are they ranking for terms. No sometimes even we don’t know what terms a company wants to be seen for exactly but you can get a fairly good idea. If your a chiropractor in Eagle Idaho and you search “Eagle Idaho Chiropractor” and they are not found then that could be a potential red flag, not always but that’s why you need t list out items and see overall what a company has before contacting them.

**How long have they had their longest client? If it’s 6 months why? Maybe they focus on web design and not seo that much and that is a potential reason, but a company with 2, 3 ,4 5 year relationships is telling you something.

**Is the company you are looking at accessible at time you would need or for emergency without charge? The best way to find that out is by asking for a list of client contacts you can call to get a personal reference and business reference from them, about how they work.

**Does the company give client dashboards for 24/7 access to your information if you wanted to look? Or do monthly reports or none- in this day of age really if a SEO company does not offer a client dashboard you need to ask yourself why? At the very least you should get “DETAILED” monthly reports, not just a copy and paste of “what they did and what the rankings are” anyone can make anything up to make you believe it. With client dashboards it’s 100% transparency that is provided.

Boise has some really good SEO Companies and some really bad, thus the reason fro White Rapids Moving to Boise in August of 2015. The reputation n Boise is really bad, no results for a lot of money is often what we get when we talk to potential clients or cold call. We came up to help change this reputation.

Our blog is full of GREAT information on small business online marketing, seo, how to etc. to see more about what to look for in an SEO company please see these article Tips for Hiring Social Media A Company and What to look for in A Reputable SEO Company Near You our our full Blog Here