How Social Media Marketing Trends In Small Business

Starting a business today requires a lot of patience and a keen marketing eye to be able to understand all of the latest trends. With so much business taking place online, there is an incredible amount of information that is changing at a rapid pace.

In order to be successful today a small business must understand all of the latest social media platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many others, no matter how big your business is you can see there is a lot to keep up with when marketing your products. One big reminder is, no business should be on all platforms. Pick one or two and be consistent and interactive on those. Being inconsistent will actually be negative to your business.

The business world is changing at a rapid pace with new technology constantly emerging and a much smarter consumer base. All of this means that as a business and marketer you must be up on all the latest trends, be in tune with what your customers are looking for and have a platform to deliver your message in a timely manner. Timing is everything in today’s warp speed marketing world.

Social media is trending in many different areas today so it is very difficult to pin down where you should place your sole focus. But one thing is for sure, sms marketing is getting huge and is a big hit among all consumers. With many people on the go today, a business can easily get their message across through sms marketing that consumers will see.

No longer is marketing confined to television, and big ads on computers that people may or may not see. With the trend towards mobile products, social media has exploded on smartphones and tablets. A small business can make significant inroads in those areas if they have a plan and are patient enough to build up their consumer base.

It takes time to build a following so don’t get discouraged in the beginning. Of course big business has a huge advantage, but slow and steady works well too.

You can’t be afraid to take chances. Experiment with social media and see what works and what doesn’t. You may be surprised that one thing you didn’t think would be a big hit has all of sudden gone viral. Next thing you know it you have a thousands of hits on your social media pages.

Keep your customers informed on social media by being an active participant. Consumers want to know their voices are heard, and that is where a small business has the advantage over larger companies. You can use social media to connect with consumers on a more personal level. Take advantage of that! Don’t just send out message whether on Facebook or Twitter and not respond. Send messages out personally and consumers will respond to you!

By taking an active role in social media it shows that you are standing firmly behind your business. You are very lucky that in today’s world you have a golden opportunity right in front of you where you can instantly communicate with your followers.


Now getting back to sms which is proving to be big business since it something that offers instant feedback and results. People can be out shopping or driving around, get an sms text from your business that offers a sale or some promotion and you will have many eyes on it. Studies have shown that people are more likely to read an sms message within 5 minutes of receiving the text. Take advantage of that!

There are plenty of pathways to be successful today thanks to the internet and social media. As a business owner you have the option to take it upon yourself to run your social media campaign or you can outsource it to a professional marketing company like White Rapids Marketing. Remember this, you’re an expert at what you do and your company. Marketing agencies are professionals and experts at marketing, there is some social media and SEO you can learn and do but when it comes down to getting legit leads and customers for your business, you will need to invest in online marketing.

Social media is cost-effective and a useful tool for small businesses to build something from nothing. Little by little you can build a following, then they tell people and soon enough you have got something rather large on your hands. But it has to start somewhere, so pay attention to the different way successful businesses have used social media to get their foot in the door.

Don’t think that success will come overnight because it takes time. Many companies don’t get successful social media accounts until they have been consistent for around the year mark. Patience is key along with hard work and a persistent attitude. If you can tap into the latest trends, create a website that is favorable towards social media, understand search engine optimization and have good customer service, your small business can blossom.

Twitter is very big today and now people are understanding how to better use it as a successful way to market to consumers. Between Twitter and sms, a small business doesn’t have to spend large sums of money to attract a following. Creativity and tapping into what people are into these days can get you very far.

A good video always seems to do very well on social media today and can be rank quickly and well in the search engines. For some reason video has replaced textual information as the number means of good social media communication. Come up with a personable video and use that to sell your products and services. You really have to believe in yourself and use every tool necessary to get your message out to the people.

Social media marketing trends for small business have undergone a dramatic shift in the past ten years thanks to the mobile marketing. With data speeds increasing rapidly people all over the world have instant access to every kind of social media trend. It is up to you to take advantage and be in the forefront of what’s going in order to take your small business to a higher level.

One last item that is on the forefront of changes in the social media marketing realm are Apps.  Apps are becoming more and more popular and many people are using apps and social media account to do searches rather than go to a browser and type in google and type in a search. Think, quicker is better, on the right platforms.

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