How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media To Help Them Succeed

Every small business has to start somewhere but in order to get off the ground you must have a plan of action. Going into something blind, especially where you have to put down you hard earned money is only smart if you have a strategy aimed towards achieving your goals. making a business and marketing strategy is harder than it seems. There are free resources out there like the SBDC in Boise, Salt lake City or throughout the country.

Now that you have your business plan set up and know what you want to do, the next step is to establish an online presence. This is where it gets tricky because many small businesses have no idea where to begin the online process other than setting up a website. At this point you may be too busy thinking about the products and services you are going to sell, and how best to improve upon those. What many people fail to take into account when they first set up shop online is how are they going to attract consumers to their website. It is not as easy as just throwing money down on some ads and then sitting back waiting for the consumers to show up. Unfortunately in the online world of business is does not work that way. Online marketing Agencies like White Rapids Marketing spend their lives online, learning and staying up to date on what is and is not working for companies. These are professional in the field, just like a lawyer or architect would be. These professional have degree in marketing, SEO, Networking, Coding, and others. The trick is to fidn the right company that seems to have the knowledge and proven client success to that also fits your companies needs. We at White Rapids do the same thing, if we feel that the company seeking us out might not be a good fit we don’t take them, both parties need to be excited and feel good about the decision to work together.

A small business needs to get their brand recognized (Brand Identity) and how you do that is by drawing relevant traffic to your website. This relevant traffic had to come from somewhere, and today it has most likely come from the search engines, social media or just plain word of mouth. As a small business you don’t really have the capital yet to invest in some of the sure things that can drive a lot of highly targeted traffic to your website.

You first begin by optimizing your website for the search engines. This is how you will draw the initial traffic to your website. Now if you are very busy with your products and services, at this point it most likely beneficial to your business if you hire an outside SEO company to handle the creation of your website. This is the cheapest way to go about building up your website and brand the right way when you fist start out.

Unless you are very good web designer who understands search engine optimization, but since there is so much else you need to worry about such as products, shipping and customer customer service, it is best left up to the expert in web design and site promotion to handle that part of your business. You will also be very surprised at how inexpensive it is to start up a basic website that include search engine optimization.

We all know how big social media has become, not only in America but all throughout the world. A video can go viral in one day and bring in millions of viewers from all over the world. Think about the advertising potential if you were to create a viral video. Chances are though that having a video blow up that big is like winning the lottery, so that is not something you can count on.

What you can count on is slowly moving up the social media chain by being touch with all of the latest trends. It is important that you have your hands in every social media out, especially  ones where you are allowed to leave comments. Always end your comments by providing a link to your web address. To build on social media is a good idea to write contributing articles about products and services that you sell. Seek out these websites that get a lot of traffic and be a contributor there. Of course you always leave your name and website address. A great way to build upon your social media presence is of course to have a Facebook and Twitter page that is updated regularly with highly relevant and unique content. Search engines love that stuff and will elevate those pages much higher in their rankings. Two things to take into consideration though are where are your customers at and being consistent on those sites. Many pediatric dentist clients will not be on Twitter from our experience, but Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest definitely works. The second aspect is consistency, if your not consistent then they wont learn to trust you as a company and if your always trying to sell them something your page will become stagnant quicker than stale bread in Alabama.

Video marketing today has become a huge success since most people can watch them on their mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices all throughout the day. In fact most consumers who watch videos on their mobile devices are more likely to click on marketing videos and ads than if they were on their home computer. Placing a small ad inside one of these videos is a great way to draw traffic to your website. It may be pricey depending on the type of video it is, but at this time you’re going to need a lot of patience until you can build up your business.

Patience and persistence play a huge role in any small business. It takes time to build up a web following and get your brand known, but your persistence is key in that if you keep promoting your business every day in some way, whether it is social media, search engine optimization, posting links or placing ads, eventually you will grow bigger. The online world of business is changing every quickly due to emerging technology that is growing incredibly fast. It is so hard to keep up with all the changes that even experienced marketers find their heads spinning at a dizzying pace. But like anything that becomes successful, you cannot give up and you have to pay attention to it all if you do want to succeed. This includes your small business!

Take an active role in your small business and don’t be afraid to engage consumers and tell positive things about your products and services. Consumers love it when business owners personally reach out to them, whether it is just a thanks for shopping with us or correcting a problem that occurred.

Another thing, never shy away from any problems whether they are big or small. If there is a situation it must be handled right away especially on those social media websites where consumers can leave reviews. If you get a bad review, don’t panic just calmly answer the person, apologize and let them know that you would like to correct whatever it is that made them upset. It is going to happen, this is business but how you handle these situations are what’s going to make or break you.

Being a small business is very challenging, but if you can use social media to your advantage slowly but surely you will eventually find your way on top in this competitive world.

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