Geo-Targeting SEO For Local Businesses

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March 1, 2016
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March 1, 2016
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Geo-Targeting SEO For Local Businesses


The concept of Geo-targeting for SEO is picking up as it allows online businesses to reach out to a target market in a specific location. The more targeted your market is the more effective your internet marketing will be. Knowing your target audience is imperative for successful marketing and this is exactly where geo-targeting SEO comes in.

In the simplest of terms geo-targeting refers to targeting a specific geographical area. This area could be in the form of a country, province, city or region. Geo-targeting can work wonders for online businesses that are catering to people settled in a specific location. When applied to SEO it allows you to dominate the country-specific counterparts of popular search engines. By increasing the flow of traffic to your website from a particular location you will be able to get a high rank on that corresponding search engine which will result in higher sales.

Dominating Your Local Niche

If you are offering products and services to people at a specific location then it would be much wiser to try and optimize your website for people of that region. For example if you are offering laundry services in Manhattan then your efforts should be directed towards ranking high for keywords like “Manhattan laundry services” or “laundry services in Manhattan” rather than trying to rank high for “laundry services”. This will not only be easier and far more cost efficient for you it will also bring very targeted traffic to your website which will consequently boost your sales. In this manner Geo-targeting SEO offers a great return on investment.

Is That All?

Geo-targeting SEO consists of a number of other strategies that can be used in combination to effectively cater to a geographical market. A professional SEO firm will be able to offer you a comprehensive package particularly catering to your geo-targeting needs. The strategies employed may involve various things like getting a top-level domain for your website in order to indicate the geographical location of your website to search engines. Using local web hosting services is also another way to make search engines determine your location and the region you are targeting.

Similarly a professional SEO firm will be able to guide you how to make use of your business address in a manner that allows you to reap geo-targeting advantages. Having your website in the language of the particular region you are targeting will also help to attract the target traffic. However it may not always be necessary to have your entire website translated. Rather a comprehensive translation of one of your web pages can also be used to enter your website into the search engine directories of your target location. This will allow you to secure better rankings on corresponding search engines.

A professional SEO firm can run a full fledged geo-targeted link building campaign for your website. This would involve getting back links from websites that operate from the area you are targeting. The origin of the traffic that is making its way to your website is also important. This means that if the majority of your visitors are from Canada then your website will automatically start to rank higher when people make relevant searches from Canada. This is why it is also important to brand your business locally. As it is SEO is making a transition into becoming a prominent part of brand marketing in the near future. Lastly, a professional SEO firm can effectively make use of relevant webmaster tools offered by Google for Geo-targeting SEO efforts for your website.


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