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Good Tips To Help You With Finding S Search Engine Optimization Boise Company

Owning a business in Boise Idaho can be tough going these days since the economy has been progressively getting better, which means new business coming into town or starting up. Competition is getting stronger by the day and the Treasure Valley area is growing. That means your potential customers range is getting smaller and more competitive, however it doesn’t have to be that way if you can rely on Internet Marketing to get and maintain customers. Many Boise area businesses have found great success using a website and online marketing to their advantage in order to do well during the down economic times. Sometime Boise businesses have an in house SEO or Social Media employee or the other way is to outsource it to an Search Engine Optimization Boise Company or Online Marketing Agency.

The simplest way for any business whether you’re in Boise, Twin Falls, Rexburg, or even Meridian is to get very creative in your efforts online in order to spread your brand identity and messaging. Social media is one of these. Although it much more difficult today because of local online competition and similar business in your industry, the need for a strategic laid out SEO Strategy for your local area is first and foremost. We have been doing website and online marketing since 1999 and what we know and always make sure of is that our clients local SEO is top rated, even if they cater to only international customers. Local is the base to start and get right the first time. It is very hard to go back after a year or 5 to fix mistakes made in this area. It is possible and we have done it several times, but it is costly with time and money.  If you still have a good products, services or information to sell that is highly relevant, you can do very well, especially having the right online resources pointing potential customers to your website. Many people believe that you can do all SEO and linkbuilding and everything will just come pouring in. That is definitely wrong thinking. You have to find the places your potential customers are and then start targeting those areas in the SEO/Social Media to get results. Many flyby night SEO companies just build links and hope to gain rankings and not know really how to find their client’s, leads and sales.

Search Engine Optimization Boise Company

Search Engine Optimization Boise Company

Soap Box Section:

One thing we have noticed was from a recent call we received and we already did a blog on but is a great reminder.  This now client of ours, had called 4 different companies he had found, two were on page one of his search and two others in a local directory site. All four didn’t answer his call, and they never called him back. So I brought this up to our team confused and was like ha? We started doing some research. Two of the companies on this page one ranking had amazing looking websites, some good clients and they were on a page one (low ranking keyword though). What we found out when we researched were 3 of the 4 we addressed at a home. Now we actually know some amazing SEO people that work out of their houses, but they have employees at their house and or employees on contract. However, if a company is based in a house and not answering their phones, what we can take from this and has been proven to be seen throughout the USA when the economy went bad, and everyone wanted to start making extra money online, is that these owners still have full time jobs and are doing this as side work.  I applaud them for doing this, if they can help companies.

NOW here is the thing. After speaking with several business leaders in the Boise areas this past August, the number one concern they have had is too many businesses and startups have been screwed over and hurt by so called SEO companies right here in the Boise area. They were all separate conversations saying the same exact thing. They have said things like “SEO companies are the snake oil right now”, “ my best friend referred me to a guy that did his stuff” or “SEO companies start projects and then have really messed thing up and companies have yet to recover from trying to get rid of some of the bad things they did”, how about “I have had companies come to me and tell me they will never use an online marketing company again because they paid money for months with no results”. Listen, if your SEO|Online Marketing Company has not gave you results in 3 months there is something really wrong, and this is for ANY industry or type of company out there.

It make me sad that people working hard to get a business started or grow can get hurt by people just looking to make a quick dollar. At White Rapids Marketing we don’t take everyone that comes to us for one reason or another. We are not just going to take every company just to put money in our pockets, it’s that simple.


Search Engine Optimization Boise Company

Search Engine Optimization Boise Company

Anyways back to the original point of our article.

It all starts with having a good creative website that is optimized for the search engines. That is where it starts, period. A good looking website does not mean it is SEO optimized and having a quick by night WeeblyWix  or Moonfruit type site is definitely not going to allow you to have your site optimized the right way and add items to it so you can make it better with the on page SEO segments. Boise Web Design a Web Design Company in Boise has been designing website since 1999. We started out as flash developers right after college. We hope that we know a thing or two about site building.

When your running or starting a business the last thing you have time for is doing Social Media Post and online marketing yourself. We know this and we are an online marketing company. We were so busy building that we barely had time for our own websites and social accounts. Since starting the Boise office it has been the same way, but even harder since we have several Idaho clients already and working hard on their businesses. It is in the best interest of your business if you hire an outside Boise search engine optimization company or full service Online Marketing Company like White Rapids Marketing, to help you create a highly relevant website, set it up correctly the first time, and market it properly.

Without a good SEO company giving you correct and valuable advice, it may be very difficult for you on your own to figure out how to market your brand. The business world is moving at such a rapid pace, it is not the same as what colleges taught even only 10 years ago about how to do business or start a business. You must be in tune with all of the latest marketing trends you could quickly be left behind, and these trends can change within weeks. What we did for marketing only 3 years ago has changed and we focus on different things to help ranking companies in their areas.

When you hire a full service Search Engine Marketing Company you are getting a company who understands your market and can help you attract highly targeted traffic. In order for you to be a relevant competitor and gain the attention of the search engine to move up in the rankings, you need to have useful information that is unique on your website. That means you have to be someone who sets yourself apart from all the rest of the businesses. Your content needs to be fresh at all times. Setting yourself apart from the crowd means being unique where nobody else has the same information as you. A leader in your industry that everyone links to and checks out first thing in the day to see what’s going on at your website. If you can create a website like that with useful relevant information it can be a goldmine. There is a substantial amount of people in Boise, Idaho, United States and even possible internationally who want to know your brand and what you have to offer. It is your job as the owner or manager and marketer for your business is to get your message out to them. It can be difficult because of the competition, but you need to think outside the box on how to attract these people to your website.

One area of marketing that has become huge today is mobile videos and using these video for online video marketing. Even better if you can come up with your own video that has useful information on it that helps potential Boise customers, or your target audience, then place these videos on social media websites it can bring a lot of traffic to your website. If you can produce videos with helpful ideas, education, how to do certain things, and many other creative thoughts that people need to learn, market them through social media and eventually you can draw a large following that way

Another way is to advertise and market these videos that can receive hundreds of views each week.  Videos are literally watched by millions of people each day, and with proper ad placement these have become successful ventures for many businesses. Paid advertising only enhances this and can have a huge ROI. You must take advantage of social media advantages with videos because today they are everywhere. But most importantly if you can tap into the Boise community or the target audience of your business through mobile marketing it is a great way to attract customers if you have a local store, restaurant, hotel or any retail business.

You may want to look at local Boise SEO Company White Rapids Marketing to help you with your marketing since they know the area the best. Combine that with your business skills and we can work as a team to figure out ways to get your brand across to the many consumers who are looking for things in Boise and beyond this area. You have to think big to be big and sometimes you have to take chances when it comes to online marketing.

The business world is changing rapidly and in order to be successful you must tap into the online consumer market. Even successful long time businesses are having difficulties today if they haven’t adapted to the internet. You have an opportunity right now to grab some of that business by being at the forefront of what the internet has to offer.

If you have questions about what your business needs or how they can benefit from our services youc an reach us at several numbers and areas.

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