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February 29, 2016
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February 29, 2016
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Effective SEO


Although search engine optimization is basically optimizing a web page or an entire website with Meta Tags, that is incorporating the title tag, description tag and keyword tag in the right place in the web code for search engine indexing. Once your site has been indexed it has gained the potential of be viewed by thousands of search engine users however search engines change their algorithms from time to time in addition to the growing web community lessening any such potential.

In order to improve that potential and make things more real, websites need to gain online presence or link popularity. Now, here are some list of tasks you will need to do to support the website optimization to improve and gain better web traffic and online presence.

1. After the site has been built and optimized, submit the link to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major search engines.

2. Also, submit the link of your website to online directories like Dmoz, Botw and many other fine web directories

3. Also exchange links with other web masters of high quality websites preferably similar to your website.

4. Engage in forums you are able to leave a link of your website for reference

5. Get a free social network page for your website

After your website has been submitted, is just the beginning to online presence and better web traffic.

You need to install some kind of web analytics to study your web audience, your keywords and the effect of changes on your websites. Google has one called the Google Analytics, which is free. This can be extremely helpful to reaching your  SEO  goals.

Also, consider the following as these can help your search engine ranking and definitely bring web traffic to your website:

1. Blog about the purpose of your website

2. Create community on your website

3. Update your website frequently

4. Let the content on your site be unique and consistent with your keywords

5. Update your keywords appropriately to match your website content, whenever you change any information on the website as it affects your website traffic.

 SEO  service to a website is very involving with lots of details. Most likely the best thing to do as a beginner is to learn all you can, sit down plan exactly how you are going to tackle the job. But remember that  SEO  is time consuming and needs patience.


Source by Jacqueline Davis

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