Client Dashboard

The WRM CLIENT DASHBOARD is an innovative and highly useful piece of software that we have built exclusively for our clients. In a nutshell, it is an aerial view of your website’s entire over-the-web activities. You can practically monitor every aspect of your digital marketing strategy through the Online Dashboard as well as view how your website is performing both in the eyes of the target audience and search engines. You have a personal Online address to login into your dashboard.

24/7 Traffic Updates:

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You get access to data in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitor all necessary aspects of your website including incoming traffic, client demographics, Google Analytics and much more. So easy it’s only a click away.

Keyword Rankings:

Rankings are an integral part of any marketing strategy. Through WRM Client Dashboard you can see how your keywords are performing in Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Senzam, Atlas, and Yahoo. Monitor your rankings across different regions such as US, UK, AUS and NZ. So why do we have so many International Clientele, because we have the matrices to see what is working and not and timely fix if we need to.

Timely Technical Updates:

The WRM Client Dashboard is properly configured to capture and display technical data pertaining to your website, no generic usless info, only what you need designed for you site and project. This includes the latest domain and hosting information along with important website statistics such as page load time, server down time, 404 broken link errors and much more. Now with backlink spam finding tool.

Activities Reporting:

Follow your entire campaign strategy easily via the WRM Client Dashboard. This includes all SEO and Content related activities such as rankings, articles, infographics and everything in between. The WRM Client Dashboard is an invaluable tool that you will find to be extremely useful not only for monitoring the work we do for you but to oversee how your website is improving over the months as well. Social Media Updates:

Social media for many clients is as important as unique content. The Client Dashboard allows you to monitor all social media activity across different platforms. Right now we offer Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter functionality. Many other SEO Company Give you NO Social Media or only Facebook and Twitter. Reputation Management Briefs: Branding and reputation management is of pivotal importance. These are some key elements to keep track of. The Dashboard provides detailed information on how customers and search engines are viewing your website and thereby your brand.

Desktop. Mobile, & Local Tracking:

Get accurate SERP keyword rank data for multiple search engines customized to match your target markets. Rank Tracker supports 400+ search engines in 100+ countries providing desktop, mobile and local search results.

Competitor Rank Tracking:

Discover the Top 20 organic and paid competitors for the sites and keywords you're tracking. Identify competitors' SEO ranking as they appear in search results and single out competitors rapidly advancing towards your position.