Case Study Boise Rhinoplasty and Plastic Surgery

Boise Plastic Surgery- Rental Site

Boise Plastic surgery and Rhinoplasty is one of our rental site. You ask what in the world is a rental site. Well we find niches where people can benefit from a highly ranked niche and we pre rank it and then rent or sell the website. So instead of a company paying for SEO and waiting for results, we have already ranked the site where it’s needed and a company just rents the site for themselves.

Goal: Attain Page 1 ranking for main keywords in 30 days.
A simple goal was to rank for the main keywords in Boise and the surrounding areas. We did that and went well beyond the main ones and are currently ranked for over 70 URL's on page #1.

Results: over 300 organic hits daily and as of January 3r,2016 74 Page one spots. 
Simple we have ranked this website and more traffic and ranking than any other plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery type website in the Boise area and it’s been done by clean and clear long term sustaining SEO- We did not and do not use PBN’s for any of our sites including this one.