6 Shopify apps to grow your Drop Shipping International Business.

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6 Shopify apps to grow your Drop Shipping International Business.

International Drop Shipping Software Yakit

We all know that Shopify is a premier ecommerce platform that allows just about anyone to start a business. For selling within your own country, things are so easy and automated. You can easily link tools that directly contact you and allow you to use shipping and ecommerce tools for FedEx, UPS and USPS. Things get slightly more complicated when it comes to international orders. We have to face it that the internet has turned your small company into a global business. I know, exciting and profitable. One issue that you will need to reconcile is how to easy deal with shipping and ecommerce internationally and that includes automatically calculating, time, cost and tracking. In this article, we will go over 5 apps that will help you do this.

App #1 Email Template Editor

  • Beautiful looking order confirmations, shipping updates and more
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Easily use your store design in your email notifications

You spend a lot of time making your store look great. Shouldn’t your emails look great too?

We think so, so we made it easy to take your existing Shopify emails and transform them to include your logo, fonts, styles and links to your store and social media — all for free.

How does it work?

The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Seriously. If you want to see how easy it is, take a look at our tutorial.

You focus on design, we’ll handle the code.

Klaviyo is an email service built for eCommerce. To prove it, we created this app to show you just how easy we make it to upgrade your Shopify notification emails. The emails you build with our app are always mobile optimized – so your customers will be able to read them whether they’re on their phone, tablet or desktop.

Over 10,000 stores have used Klaviyo to make their eCommerce emails rock, so you’ll be in good company. This app is 100% free forever, so give it a try.

A step by step guide.

If you like this app and want to make all your email just as sweet, check out our brand newKlaviyo Academy, with email lessons tailored for Shopify users.

Go beyond the Shopify notification emails.

After you’re done with the Shopify emails, check out our email marketing built for Shopify. It’s email completely integrated with Shopify, so you can personalize campaigns and autoresponders based on your products and each customer’s individual preferences, browsing and purchasing history. It’s free to send up to 500 emails per month.

App #2: Yakit — Hassle-Free International Shipping

A fairly new app to the Shopify universe that promises new and big things. This app requires that you have an unlimited account which will give you access to real time and real world package logistics. It also uses what is called Virtual Delivery Network (VDN) this is used to accurately estimate the cost and time it will take for delivery. It even sets up the travel route and guarantees its taxes and duty rate estimation. This one seem to be a great option for people who do a lot of international sales.

  • Great rates

The lowest shipping rates
across the world

  • Fast shipping

Delivered worldwide
in 2 – 9 days

  • Duties and taxes

Pre-calculated and

  • Detailed tracking

Up-to-date status of
your packages

  • Simplified documents

Automated documentation
and processes

  • Incredible support

Proactive monitoring,
from pickup to delivery

App #3: Kudobuzz Testimonials & Reviews

  • Easily collect and display customer testimonials and reviews from your social media pages
  • Automatically prompt customers to leave a review after purchase
  • Engage with reviewers, improve search ranking with Google rich snippet and increase sales

You sell a great product, and you provide awesome customer service. Shouldn’t it be easy to show off the great things your customers are saying about you?

Kudobuzz makes it easy to collect and display positive customer reviews right on your website with a clean, customizable widget.

We help you import your historical and hand written reviews into Kudobuzz

Why use Kudobuzz?­

  • Generate more customer reviews and testimonials through social media and our After Purchase Mail feature.
  • With Google Rich Snippet enabled, your reviews are optimized for search engines to improve the rankings of your products in search results.
  • Get daily, high-quality leads which you can convert to increase your sales.

How it works

  • Import reviews from your social channels into Kudobuzz. Kudobuzz will filter and suggest positive reviews for you. No reviews? No problem. We’ll help you start collecting them.
  • You can also use Kudobuzz to feature handwritten reviews.
  • Add your favorite reviews into your widget basket for display on your shop. Select and customize your widget type.

Live demos of the different widget types

  • Review Tab Widget– a clean and simple way to show your customers all the social proof they need. SEE LIVE DEMO
  • Single Page Slider Widget– ideal for showing testimonials at the exact moment when it is needed. e.g. You can show this on your checkout page, right before a customer clicks the buy button. SEE LIVE DEMO
  • Full Page Widget– this is useful for creating a dedicated static page of positive store testimonials. SEE LIVE DEMO
  • Product Review Form– best for collecting and displaying reviews from customers on your product page. SEE LIVE DEMO

App #4: Abandonment Protector

  • Automatically retrieves your lost sales.
  • Great tools that allow you to create your best strategies to recover abandoned shopping carts.
  • It´s really easy to customize and you can import automatically your abandoned checkouts of the last 30 days before installing the app.

True Story

You sell items that your customers love! But most shopping carts are abandoned for hundreds of different reasons such as not having a credit card handy, or simply your client left the decision for later.

How it works

Abandonment Protector is a very complete tool that detects when your customers abandon a shopping cart. With simple tools, you can configure a recovery strategy by sending automated emails.

When setting your options, you can automatically import your abandoned checkouts of the last 30 days before installation of the app with one click.

More and better features!

Editable Email Templates. Great tool to edit email templates to be sent to recover your abandoned shopping carts, including the customer’s name, product image and a link to return to the shopping cart with the same settings at the time of abandonment.

Programming recovery campaigns. Program the number of recovery emails that will be sent and the delivery times.

Up to 10,000 recovery emails per month. All services, one price.

Tracking opened emails. It helps you get a better idea of how your current and potential customers are reacting to your message.

Customer Management Tool. Something that sets us apart is that our app provides the ability to manually manage negotiations with customers when necessary.

Configure your alerts. You can receive a notification of every abandonment of the shopping cart or a daily report.

Simple Contact Form. You can activate and set up a simple contact form and use our smart management tools.

Premium Support for all. We offer completely personalized service for all our users.

Free trial. From day one you will see that we have more and better features at the lowest price.

If you have any questions you can contact us at our personal email ferheyer@linkerfriend.com

App #5: Send SMS

  • Quickly send important SMS updates to your customers
  • No phone required
  • Local versions of international numbers are automagically supported. No editing required.

The SMS Sender allows you to quickly and easy send text messages from right within Shopify, no phone required! Whether you need to send our a shipping notification in a hurry or quickly alert a customer to an issue with an order, the SMS Sender has you covered. Our automagical local to international number formatter makes sure you’re using the correct phone number no matter the format used by your customer. Get started with a free trial today, and find out why merchants are saying this app is a real time saver!

App#6 QuickBooks Integration (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

Know what’s selling and sell more – Real time information of your sales and inventory. Have better customer service and insights – Ship faster, notify customers, and track customer purchases. Sell in more places – Manage Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy orders from one place.

Have up-to-date accounting data to make informed decisions and grow your business with eCC Desktop accounting automation

Accounting shouldn’t take so much time and money!

Automatically record your sales in QuickBooks and instantly track your income

Record taxes, discounts, etc. and save time on account reconciliation

Better inventory and product management

Automatically sync inventory between your Shopify store and QuickBooks so you can track items at a stock level. Know what’s selling with up-to-date product and sales reports. Prevent overselling by automatically creating Purchase Orders for out-of-stock items

Easily sell in more places

Connect all your online stores and manage them from one place

eCC Desktop works with leading eCommerce platform, including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Better customer service and insights

Ship faster by integrating your shipping processors and print USPS, FedEx, and UPS labels instantly (Shipping add-on)

Automatically update order status and notify customers of tracking ID (Shipping add-on)

Know who’s buying with up-to-date customer reports in QuickBooks

eCC Desktop is an Intuit-certified software that supports all QuickBooks PC editions – Pro, Premier, Enterprise and International versions.


All of these apps are great at what they do and that is help Shopify store owners easily handle international shipping orders. For anyone who has shipped and done ecommerce  internationally, you know what all goes into it. Some people hate the process and others just simply want to optimize. No matter what you need for one of these apps is, they will help make running your Shopify store a lot easier and you will be able to quickly get out packages to your international buyers. We are sure that you are happy to have customers all over the globe and these apps will help you keep these customers and even attract new international customers.

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