11 Key Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

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Are you searching for the right social media that is trending in the marketing aspect? Well, it is not easy to market the products if you are not updated in the latest marketing tactics. From the different platforms, one will get to know how to use it in order to market the business.

Plan for the social media actions

This is where you create a fun page for your fans. Everyone is allowed to participate by posting their links and what they think about various products. All you need is to invite fans by putting hashtags that will attract other clients thus creating a network that will give more exposure to your page.

Use LinkedIn’s feature

This is where you get information on your fans upcoming events. Through your daily contacts, you will see upcoming events like birthday, anniversary and even job promotion. Many fans will see many connections through your contacts and will feel appreciated. From this networking, you will have many business people looking forward to working with you.

Use attractive images on the Facebook page including cover photos

After posting a particular post, you need to make it more interesting by adding images that will go hand in hand with it. Remember fans want to be engaged and you can take this advantage and ask them questions relating to the product. This will help you get more likes and comments that will translate to more fans and marketing.


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Go deep, not large

Everyone wants to have a stable marketing strategy. This is where you need to specialize and get deeper on what you want to achieve. Do not be tempted to having a large platform that is not understood by your intended fans. Focus on one social platform that you know will reach many clients, and the one will keep your products on demand. Use the more and detailed social media connections like the twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google since many people are familiar with them.

Center on where your clients are

This is especially to the small business people that think that they need to go wide on the marketing. However, it is possible to get more from the social media if you put your attention on one platform that you are sure you will capture many clients. Depending on the product or services you are selling, get to know your customers and where they prefer to hang out online. See what social media are attracting more people and open a page with them.

Put the right image

People get attracted to what they see on the first encounter with the product. It is wise to use images that will market the product well; the first impression on the page will determine how they customers will respond to it. Remember, you can get advice from the experts on what image will fit well with your product. You can take advantage of the Pinterest, which is known to enhance the images you are about to put out there.

Make actual life connections

After creating a massive page, it is quite thoughtful to get into contact with the real customers face to face. This is possible when you have Skype that gives people opportunity to talk to their clients and get a real connection with them. From this type of communication, you will be able to see and know what they think about your product and if they prefer you to change something on it. Your customers will feel like a part of the product and also appreciated; this will create more business opportunities for them.

Use the follow platform

This is more possible when you open an account with Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest where you can either follow or let your customers follow you. From the following trend, you will be amazed to find more interested customers that want to know more about the product and how to get hold of them. You can benefit from the social media when you search more influential business people and see what they do to gain more customers.

Use live platform

Most of the social media are not live and will not get the feedback as soon as you need it. However, you can connect more with the customers by using the Internet that should be live and real. Remember, this will allow your customers to connect with you and comment on the product instantly. There are many people ready to sell the product, but you will be a notch higher if you do your marketing live where you give the customers right to ask any questions regarding the product and answer right there. YouTube live is a good place to start the live marketing.

Be real on the platform

Some people are very busy and do not have time to research more about your product. However, you can use this to your advantage and give every detail of your product and how to get it. For instance, you can put directions to your business premises, and this will let them know you are loyal and ready to sell the right products to them. Open a dialog page where each customer will feel comfortable communicating with you.

When posting on this platform, it will connect with your friends and fans on LinkedIn. This is where you need to get your face in the post, and people will know who they are connecting with. The best thing about this platform is that your fans will know all the people you are connected to thus giving them confidence that they are in the right place, and you are socially important to the society.

When you know the benefits of joining the social media, things will get better for your business and you will be guaranteed of a promising future with your business. Do not hesitate to learn more trends and platforms that are coming up every other time because people now are more advanced connected to the internet than before.

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