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March 6, 2016
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March 7, 2016
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10 Basic SEO Strategies


Search engine optimization is one of the most relevant topics in the world wide web nowadays. Since more and more people wanted their online business to get the highest rank in a search engine,  SEO  strategies became an in demand topic all over the internet. Actually, there are lots of whole websites and even books out there that focus on this subject. People should go and find them because the world of  SEO  is constantly changing due to those search engines that always find time to twist their algorithms, and also because new search engines come while some of them are gone. Although we cannot change that fact, there are still some timeless  SEO  strategies that will always come in useful; here are 10 timeless and basic  SEO  tips you may use to improve your site’s ranking.

1. Writing a good content is an important strategy in  SEO . A page that contains good, significant, very useful content will likely rank higher than any other pages available on the internet. And because of the good content of your page, it encourages other sites to link to your page and may further increase your search engine ranking; but remember to update your page regularly because most visitors like it fresh and they will visit your page more often.

2. Do keyword research. Don’t just use a key phrase that sounds good or just because it gets a lot of searches. Do your research; think thoroughly what you really want your visitors to do on your site. You can use tools such as Google Analytics and see which keywords result the highest in most search engines. WordTracker and AdWords Keyword Suggestion can also be used to find appropriate niche keywords with high search volume and low competition.

3. Wise use of your keywords. Once your keyword research is done, make sure you organize or deploy them wisely throughout your pages.

4. Getting other sites to link to yours. This will help you get a high ranking if you have other sites linked to your page. But remember to target a few significant, good-quality sites that are full of useful info and rank well on the search engines.

5. Structuring your own site for  SEO  can play a very important part in optimizing your pages. Your page must contain plenty of links to other significant pages in your site because it helps spread your site’s authority score evenly throughout your page.

6. Analyzing your site is also important because you need to know your site’s  SEO  performance so you will know if all of your efforts are paying off.

7. Always be informed with the latest  SEO  news. You really have to be up to date with every little change about search engine algorithms and most especially  SEO  strategies.

8. Avoid using Black Hat  SEO . Black hat  SEO  may give you traffic but it’s only for a short time and may give you long term problems.

9. Make sure you have no duplicate content. Search engines don’t like pages with duplicate content because it will only give you a very low ranking.

10. Never forget description and keyword tags. Description and keyword tags can give your site an edge over other websites. So don’t ever forget them.

 SEO  can sometimes be so complicated with those constant changes in algorithms; and as more search engines come up, these  SEO  Strategies can help you cope up with those kind of turn around.


Source by John Dela Cruz

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